Satellite IoT Network Development by New Company SatIoTLab

Huge investments are underway in the satellite upstream market, to built and launch a new generation of smallsat IoT networks that will bring the world low costs / low power IoT connectivity.

On the downstream side, satellite IoT application development receives much less attention, although the true value lies there.

SatIoTLab founded the satellite application lab to support the development of global satIoT applications and to form IoT solution value chains. The company believes the largest benefits of satellite IoT will be in the public and government sector, where wide area monitoring applications will serve various UN goals to the benefit of society.

What we do in the SatIoTLab:

1. Educate next gen IoT professionals in the public and government sector on the use of satellite based connectivity for global IoT applications

2. Provide Lab facility for satIoT application development (think: satIoT Makerspace, Workshops and Hackatons)

3. Create a satIoT community to form value chains for the different vertical markets to engage in projects.


To learn more, select the screenshot below to view an introductory video...

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