New Unicorn ICD/PUG for Unicorn-2 Smallsat Developed by Alba Orbital

Alba Orbital has unveiled the firm’s first, publicly available Payload Interface / Payload User Guide for Unicorn-2.

The company’s goal is to have an open interface that payload developers can use as a reference for the development of their payload’s missions, opening up space for business.

Unicorn-2 is a flight proven smallsat platform and the first operational 3P PocketQube to be launched into orbit.

Alba Orbital has also released their first Unicorn Interface Control Document / Payload User Guide as a reference to help those who are looking to develop their own payloads for a mission with Unicorn-2. This document guides users through:

  • Mechanical interface Electrical
  • Software interface Qualification Testing
  • Flight Acceptance
  • and more


Download this guide at this direct link…


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