A Conversation with… Jeanne Medvedeva, Exolaunch, @ Space Tech Expo Europe

A Conversation with Jeanne Medvedeva,
Commercial Director, Exolaunch

Jeanne Medvedeva

Jeanne Medvedeva has been involved as a Launch Manager in the launch of more than 150 multi-national smallsats over multiple missions. At Exolaunch, she has enabled a global client base that includes universities, government entities and new space startups to reach space. Jeanne holds a degree in Economics and International Affairs and is fluent in Mandarin.

What services and products does your company provide to the industry?

Jeanne Medvedeva (JM)
Exolaunch is a leading European premium launch services and separation system provider for smallsats.
     As of this writing, Exolaunch has integrated and launched 85 smallsats over multiple missions, enabling the visions of some of the world’s most ambitious and innovative companies.

What do you believe are the most significant challenges that need to be addressed within the satellite and related industries?

Regular and affordable access to space is still a significant challenge facing the industry. This challenge especially affects small satellite manufacturers and large satellite clusters. Our approach to tackling this challenge is to ensure that we interact closely with a wide network of launch vehicles, ensuring innovative pricing and back-up launch options for customers.

What is your company presenting at this major event?

We are showcasing our deployment systems for microsatellites and cubesats, as well as our deployer sequencer for cluster launches.
     Smallsat customers looking for deployment solutions will be encouraged to have a look at the cutting edge deployment system, CarboNIX. CarboNIX is a revolutionary, shock-free, smallsat separation system (that was space-qualified earlier this year) which leads the market in shock reduction, lead time and cost and is able to deploy microsatellites up to 200 kg.
     Cubesat customers can also see the most advanced cubesat deployer system on the market, EXOpod. What makes EXOpod unique is that it allows cubesat manufacturers to expand the limits of the Cubesat Design Specification (CDS). At the event, we will be showcasing our 12U EXOpod deployer. The EXOpod also comes in 16U size and is the only 16U cubesat deployer on the market that has flight heritage.

What may we expect your company to reveal over the next few months?

Certainly, we’ll discuss the customers that we’re working with as well as new rideshare launches on an ever-increasing network of available launch vehicles. Alongside the new design of our deployers, we will also be announcing over the coming months new technical improvements to these systems, making them lighter and stronger and more easily adapted to any existing launch vehicles.

How will Exolaunch continue to solidify its position as the best-in-class global launch service and separation system provider?

Through an ever-increasing customer base of ambitious smallsat developers from the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Israel, UAE, Japan and many more.
     Our introduction of the CarboNIX shock-free microsat separation system to the market has garnered huge interest and a large number of orders from single and constellation smallsat providers as well as launch vehicle manufacturers.
     Based on feedback being received from different launch providers, Exolaunch will be introducing EXOpod Light, a new system for cost savings in the launch market, shortly.



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