Horizon Technologies Presents @ Airborne ISR Conference Regarding SIGINT Platforms Merging With Space-Driven Amber Smallsat Constellation

Horizon Technologies CEO, John Beckner, spoke at the Airborne ISR Conference in London on  October 23-24, 2019.

Beckner gave a presentation on trends in Sat Phone SIGINT for ISR and emphasized how airborne and ground-based strategic SIGINT platforms and their output will be merged with the upcoming availability of space-driven Amber data next year.

Amber is the public/private partnership with the UK Government to launch a cubesat constellation to provide a Maritime Intelligence data product for its government users.

At the Conference, Beckner announced that Horizon Technologies had recently been awarded a “plus-up” to a current NATO-user FlyingFish™ contract worth over £2.4 million through 2024.

The 5th Annual Airborne ISR conference in London covered Maritime Patrol, Data Dissemination, UAV Technology, International Surveillance Cooperation, AWACS, 5th Generation ISR, Industrial Engagement, and Threat Evolution in detail. During the UAV ISR sessions, Horizon Technologies discussed the upcoming deployment of UAVs being tasked on FRONTEX missions to include Horizon Technologies miniature Xtender SIGINT technology.

Beckner also presented at the Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit in Singapore. Asia is a key market for both FlyingFish™ and the Amber maritime intelligence data service. Beckner and the Horizon Technologies team met with customers and decision makers from all over the world at the Summit which convened leaders from across the maritime spectrum who need to address the burning issues facing the maritime industry.

Working together and building on the outcomes of the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit in Hong Kong, they are developing solutions for a safe, clean, inclusive and efficient maritime industry – goals that can unleash the potential of global seaborne trade and increase sustainable long-term economic development and human well-being. Horizon Technologies Amber data, and the governments who use it, will have a major positive impact on meeting these goals.

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