Lynk Joins the Satellite Industry Association

The Satellite Industry Association has announced that Lynk, a technology startup company focused on providing global mobile connectivity, has joined SIA as its newest Associate Member.

Lynk (formerly UbiquitiLink) plans to launch a constellation of LEO smallsats to provide data connectivity to cellphone users virtually anywhere. 
Northern Virginia-based Lynk has already successfully conducted two initial “cell tower in space” tests using prototype satellites from the International Space Station. The company plans to launch 24-36 satellites that will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 500 km in 2021.  With several thousand additional satellites planned for launch by 2023, Lynk aims to provide customers with ubiquitous global connectivity using their own mobile cellular handsets and data devices, without requiring any change in software or hardware to the phone when they travel beyond the range of terrestrial cellular coverage.

Lynk intends to help end the divide between satellites and terrestrial systems. For mobile network operators, Lynk will fill their coverage gaps and give them an opportunity to add new customers and better serve existing ones. For traditional satellite operators, it expects to increase the demand for cellular backhaul and Wi-Fi backhaul in remote locations that are not well served by fiber or microwave.

Tom Stroup, President of SIA, said that by using highly innovative satellite technology to provide cellphone users with ubiquitous global data services, Lynk is looking to deliver a unique technology solution to help bridge the digital divide both here in the U.S. and around the world. The organization looks forward to working with Lynk and their leadership and are pleased to welcome the company as the latest member of SIA.
Charles Miller, the CEO of Lynk, added that ever again should anybody die because they have a phone in their pocket that is not connected. In the near future, everybody with a standard cell phone will be able to stay ‘Lynked’ everywhere. By building ‘cell towers in space’ that connect directly to standard cell phones, Lynk can provide affordable coverage for the 90% of the planet where it is uneconomical to build terrestrial cell towers. Lynk looks forward to working closely with SIA and industry colleagues to bringing the benefits of the firm’s satellite technology to the world.

Satellite Innovation 2019 — Reasons to Attend

There is little that is more valuable than time – Industry events that maximize an individual’s knowledge of the market and help to expand a firm’s business networks as efficiently as possible are worthy of thoughtful consideration for attendance.

Here are some ways Satellite Innovation 2019 addresses these aims:






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