Forrester Reports: HughesNet Receives $190 Million Award from OneWeb

Chris Forrester is reporting at Advanced-Television that Hughes Network Systems, a subsidiary of Charlie Ergen-owned EchoStar, has won an extra $190 million (€ 170 million) contract from OneWeb — HughesNet was awarded a $100+ million contract in 2015.

OneWeb is in the process of building 650 broadband satellites that will start to be launched at the end of this year. HughesNet will supply a ground-based network system to support OneWeb’s satellite fleet.

Chris Forrester.

OneWeb is targeting millions of homes, schools, government buildings worldwide in underdeveloped and underserved communities and countries.

We’ve had a tremendously positive response from investors, as they’ve seen OneWeb come into reality,” founder Greg Wyler said. “When you scratch the surface and you start to dive deep through our systems, you realize we’ve built the supply chain, we have the spectrum in place, we’ve got the launch licenses, the approvals, we’re building an incredibly safe constellation so we’ll ensure there’s no space debris.”

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