Third PocketQube Workshop Announced

Following the successful 1st and 2nd PocketQube Workshop at TU Delft, Alba Orbital is announcing that the 3rd PocketQube workshop will be held in Glasgow, Scotland — the event will run on the 5th and 6th September in Glasgow University Union and will cover all key areas for PocketQube developers.

PocketQubes are very small satellites, comprising of one or more cubic units of approximately 5 cm. and are the next frontier of smallsats. They are similar to the successful cubesat form factor, but are one order of magnitude smaller and belonging to the class of picosatellites (100 to 1000 g.). In the future, vast networks of these tiny satellites may provide currently unforeseen applications.

They are at the cutting edge of miniaturization, allowing more people to access space than ever before.

With 30 speakers and exhibitions, this event hosts an impressive lineup including keynote speaker Jim Cantrell, CEO of Vector.

The workshop format is relaxed, focusing on content and collaboration, with coffee breaks and lunch provided for all attendees.

The end of the two day workshop will be wrapped with a drinks reception on the 6th of September from 7:00 p.m. onward, providing an excellent opportunity to network and socialize with like minded PocketQube enthusiasts.

Additional details may be viewed at this direct infolink…

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