New Business Developer Named by GateHouse Telecom as the Firm Enters the Smallsat Market

GateHouse Telecom is planning to enter the growing smallsat market and the company recently announced LEO specialist, Per Koch, as the company’s new Business Developer.

In a bid to move in on the smallsat market, the company has appointed the manufacturer of smallsat solutions GomSpace’s former Head of Systems Engineering, Per Koch, 49, as the company’s new business developer. Per Koch will be responsible for developing new solutions and services for smallsats.  

Per Koch.

Per Koch has enjoyed a distinguished career with more than 20 years in the mobile and space industries, including leadership roles at RTX and BAE Systems. For the past three years, Per Koch has worked as a Project Manager and Head of Systems Engineering at GomSpace, where he managed several smallsat missions. He has completed several projects funded by the European Space Agency.

Thomas Jensen, director of GateHouse Telecom, said that for more than two decades, GateHouse Telecom has been a leading supplier of waveforms and test tools for Inmarsat’s BGAN and Global Xpress networks. However, like other companies in the SATCOM terminal industry, the firm is adjusting the business strategy to the market and the company sees great potential in the LEO satellite industry. GateHouse believes the company’s extensive experience with satellite networks is applicable within small satellite missions and there are multiple ways to apply the firm’s knowledge and experience in the market. That is why Per has been brought in, to help the company use the acquired knowledge to develop new solutions for LEO satellites and expand the firm’s business into the growing smallsat market.

Per Koch added that the demand for IoT/M2M end-to-end SATCOM solutions is increasing and, after years of development and demonstration of LEO satellite capabilities, the smallsat is starting to grow into a commercial market. This opens the door to subcontractors such as GateHouse Telecom, which can deliver durable and high-quality solutions for the growing amount of small satellite space missions.

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