OneWeb Expands Operations Presence in London

OneWeb has expanded the firms presence in the UK with the creation of more than 150 new jobs through the expansion of the company’s Global Operations Center in White City, London — using state-of-the-art technology, these critical positions will add additional support for OneWeb to manage, monitor and control its satellite network from a single location.

The increase of OneWeb’s team at its London Headquarters is a clear demonstration of its long-term commitment to the UK, which has been home to its global headquarters since 2017. The new roles will help power OneWeb’s ongoing launch program, which commenced in February 2019 and is now driving the commercialization of the business. With customers coming on board and launches planned each month, OneWeb is on target to provide high speed global internet coverage by 2021.

This commitment also strengthens the partnership between OneWeb and the UK Space Agency (UKSA), which invested £18 million in OneWeb’s Sunrise Program in February 2019. OneWeb’s Sunrise Program is dedicated to advancing a new space ecosystem and ensuring the space environment is preserved for all. OneWeb’s Sunrise Program will develop cutting-edge technologies needed to enable future ambitions, whether it be in satellite hardware, ground infrastructure or the responsible use of space (end of life deorbiting).

Photo of the White City complex in London.

While OneWeb’s satellites are equipped to be deorbited under their own power at the end of their operational missions with high reliability, efforts under Sunrise will further ensure no debris remains behind – all of the satellites are also equipped with a grappling interface should there be a need for additional support to de-orbit the satellites.

Adrian Steckel, the CEO of OneWeb, said the relationship and investment in the UK is extremely important for OneWeb. The company will be able to deliver on the firm’s mission to provide global connectivity, thanks to the forward leaning vision of the UKSA and others.

On OneWeb’s investment, Graham Stuart, the UK Minister for Investment, added that too few people are aware of the success and significance of the UK space sector or its vast potential for future growth. That is why the UKSA supports OneWeb’s investment into the UK’s commercial space industry. This represents another vote of confidence in the UK and an important step in building the nation’s space sector.

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