An Advanced MCPC System Now Offered by SatixFy and GetSAT and will be Showcased at Upcoming Trade Show

SatixFy and GetSAT are offering an advanced MCPC (Multiple Channels per Carrier) system for more highly efficient network optimization to improve ground-satellite link conditions and data throughput.

The new MCPC satellite system will be showcased in both SatixFy’s and GetSAT’s booths during Satellite 2019 in Washington, DC, May 6-8.

This collaboration will enable SatixFy platforms to operate and manage GetSAT micronized antenna and modem products. The system is designed with a cloud-ready architecture in mind. It utilizes a friendly and modern, easy to use management for both equipment and satellite can start with a small network and grow as they expand.

Existing and future GetSAT customers will be able to upgrade their SCPC terminals to operate inside an MCPC network with a shared DVB-S2X up-to 500 MHz forward channel carrier at 1 Gbps of data and on-demand allocation of DVB-S2X 50 MHz return channel at 200 Mbps. The solution will be monitored and configured by an easy to use network management system controlling the terminals and the space segment allocation.  The MCPC system is based on SatixFy’s Software Defined Radio ASIC technology, ensuring state-of-the-art DVB-S2X capabilities from VLSNR to 256APSK and data performance.

GetSAT CEO, Kfir Benjamin, stated that bringing forth additional system capabilities to enhance the company’s customers’ businesses is an integral element of GetSAT’s DNA. The firm is happy to partner with SatixFy to offer greater MCPC empowerment and fulfill another Satcom-On-The-Move (SOTM) market needs.

SatixFy CEO, Yoel Gat, added that the company has been working closely with GetSAT on their modem technology for the past few years. With the new MCPC system, GetSAT’s and other SatixFy’s partners will be able to offer the ability to fully manage a terminal network and the satellite resources, enhancing their customers’ abilities to control missions and provide any critical service.

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