Methera Global Introduces Their New Brand Identity

Methera Global Communications Ltd., the UK-based MEO satellite constellation that plans to deliver multi-Gbps wholesale internet connectivity to targeted underserved and emerging regions of the world, now has a brand new identity.

The new brand consists of a green and blue logo representing the Earth and sky, and technology as a change for good.

Executive Comment

Chris McIntosh, CEO for Methera Global, said this is a positive addition to the Methera story as the company matures from a start-up organization to the next level of growth and gears up for the company’s satellite procurement and launch. This builds upon the firm’s growing team of experienced satellite industry professionals and the company’s ITU filings as well as the market acceptance of the Methera Global offering in the areas of the world that are still without any or good Internet connectivity. The high density coverage that the company will provide can light up entire regions, thereby aiding governments and telecom service providers to build sustainable regional and national economic growth that positively changes lives.

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