Orbital AI is the Stated Goal of Hypergiant Industries as the Company Launches Their Galactic Systems Division

Hypergiant Industries has announced the launch of their Galactic Systems division, with the goal of helping mankind expand its horizon into the next frontier through orbital AI.

Hypergiant Galactic Systems will focus on artificial intelligence-driven aerospace and astronautic software and hardware products for the booming space industry.

In its first step toward realizing this vision, Hypergiant Galactic Systems has acquired Satellite & Extraterrestrial Operations & Procedures (S.E.O.P.s), a Houston-based satellite deployment and services provider that offers innovative proprietary launch and deployment systems servicing the CubeSat and smallsat markets.

As a subsidiary of Hypergiant Galactic Systems, S.E.O.P.s will continue to serve customers in defense, government, as well as leading academic institutions in designing, developing, and deploying space satellite constellation arrays. S.E.O.P.s operates classified missions as well as unclassified missions for customers and partners including NASA, DARPA, and Northrop Grumman. S.E.O.P.s currently has allocation on all ISS visiting vehicles (SpaceX Dragon and Cygnus) through its partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS).

S.E.O.P.s is led by CEO Chad Brinkley and CTO Michael Johnson. A space entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in the Aerospace and Defense market, Brinkley’s expertise spans the government, military, and commercial sectors. On the technical side, Johnson is the industry leader in designing space research platforms, habitats, modules, launch systems, and spacecraft. He was previously the co-founder of NanoRacks, the first commercial space company to launch CubeSats using the International Space Station (ISS). To date, more than 210 CubeSats have been deployed, fueling the rise of commercial space investments. Both Brinkley and Johnson will continue to lead as CEO and CTO of Hypergiant S.E.O.P.s, a subsidiary of Hypergiant Galactic Systems.

S.E.O.P.s became a leader over the last decade in the industry by flying satellites and payloads to LEO, using deployment off the International Space Station (ISS), as well as using ISS visiting vehicles. The S.E.O.P.s Slingshot CubeSat launch system was designed to exploit the unused Cygnus vestibule volume of the passive common berthing mechanism (PCBM) by deploying sideways using a zero tip-off mechanism. SlingShot Deployers accommodate any customer’s CubeSat formats and configurations. The system can also fly hosted payloads using the core spacecraft for data, power, pointing, and communications. According to the company, no other system provides comparable space agility. By working with Northrop Grumman, CASIS, and the U.S. National Laboratory, S.E.O.P.s is executing on the vision of the commercialization of space for industries spanning defense, energy, security, and more.

S.E.O.P.s’ proprietary sideways deployment also makes it possible to mount SlingShot deployers on a geosynchronous satellite bus, such as a Boeing 702 or Lockheed 2100, opening small satellite deployment in the GEO belt. Furthermore, S.E.O.P.s has been testing its MicroSat solution (MACE), which is planned to come online in 2019 to deploy larger spacecraft.

Hypergiant Galactic Systems is a subsidiary of Hypergiant Industries, the first machine intelligence industrial complex, recently co-founded in Texas by Ben Lamm. Leveraging emerging technology in AI, space transport, and imaging techniques, Hypergiant Galactic Systems is completing the vision of a universe intelligently powered. Hypergiant Galactic Systems will be based in Houston, Texas, with a field office in Washington D.C.

Executive Comments

Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant, welcomes S.E.O.P.s to Hypergiant Galactic Systems. S.E.O.P.s will be the firm’s key entry platform for intelligent satellite technologies. The company’s first day of operation offers world-class launch and deployment capabilities for anyone seeking solutions for LEO and beyond. The fully realized potential of space lies at the intersection of data, AI, and other machine-intelligent technologies..

Chad Brinkley, CEO and co-founder of S.E.O.P.s, noted that in joining Hypergiant Galactic Systems, the company has gained access to invaluable resources in artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent sensors, and more. As S.E.O.P.s leverages these technologies to enhance the firm’s offerings and develop entirely new services, customers will be delighted by the new value created through data and machine learning. Today is a great day for space science.

NOTE: All imagery in the above story are courtesy of John Davidson.

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