Aventior used deep neural networks, AI and Computer Vision to process satellite images and real-time videos. It is capable of running multi-classification algorithms for detecting, classifying and tracking objects in a satellite feed.

Aventior also provides data fusion capabilities to merge satellite data with sensor data, IoT and other external sources of data.

Applications of these solutions extend to maritime awareness, urban development, land use management, EEZ management, construction, mining, shipping and anti-piracy.

Company Website: http://www.aventior.com

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Name Abhijit Ray
Title Co-founder & Chief Digital Architect
Email abhijit.ray@aventior.com
Tel 617-834-4984


Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), is one of Europe’s leaders and one of the world’s main players in satellite solutions and services. Telespazio operates worldwide through numerous companies, and has a wide international network of space centres and teleports.

Telespazio is a leading company in key sectors for public institutions, business operators and consumers, with activities ranging from the design and development of space systems to the management of launch services and in orbit satellite control; from Earth observation services, integrated communication, satellite navigation and localisation, to scientific programmes.
Telespazio relies on a wealth of experience of the highest level, stemming from technological expertise acquired over 50 years of business practice. The Company’s experience is also drawn from the management of space infrastructure as well as from its qualified involvement in space programmes of great significance, including Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus and COSMO-SkyMed.

Company Website: http://www.telespazio.com

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Name Roberto Petronio Floriana Vizzari
Title SVP External Relations and Communication Head of Exhibition, Trade, Fairs and Events
Email Roberto.Petronio@telespazio.com floriana.vizzzari@telespazio.com
Tel +390640791 +390640793017
Cell +393358283554 +393357613207


Hera Systems is a satellite information and analytics company currently developing its 1HOPSat (1st-generation High Optical Performance Satellite) constellation empowering both commercial enterprises and government organizations to acquire very high cadence imagery and video. The 1HOPSat platform is also the foundation for dynamic, mission-driven analytics and derived information services. Through 1HOPSat’s low-cost, high-performance design incorporating a secure, intelligent application environment, Hera Systems sets a new standard for quality and value in earth observation and analytics solutions. For more information, visit www.herasys.com

7013 Realm Drive Suite B
San Jose, CA 95119 USA

Company Website: http://www.herasys.com/

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Name Roger Roberts Joe Thurgood
Title CEO VP Corporate Development and Marketing
Email roger@herasys.com joe.thurgood@herasys.com
Tel 7147472947 4154121730


Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI) is a private, woman-veteran owned corporation dedicated to providing cutting-edge products and services related to space systems architectures, spacecraft/satellite design and development, and mission payload and data distribution services. As a global provider of space-based solutions, we are proud to offer complete end-to-end capabilities for our customers, teammates, and stakeholders.

Specializing in rapid and responsive modular technology, OAI utilizes a unique, tailored and modern approach to the traditional satellite development process that enables spacecraft providers and integrators to reduce cost, schedule, and risk when pursuing satellite missions, payloads, and applications.

Company Website: http://oak-aero.com/

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Name Maureen S. O’Brien Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr.
Title CEO President & CSE
Email maureen.obrien@oak-aero.com stanley.kennedy@oak-aero.com
Tel (303) 904-6060 (303) 904-6060


CONTEC is a spin-off company from KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute) which was established in 2015 on Jan.5th, and doing the business for design, development and integration of ground system in the space and defense application.

The CEO, Mr. Sunghee Lee of CONTEC have experienced the design, development, data analysis and operation for launch vehicle and satellite mission as well as CNES(French Space Agency) launch mission for 16 years in KARI.

Based on these heritages, CONTEC is currently playing on the space market to provide the customized satellite ground station service through our own ground station with our accumulated technologies and unique ability.

​The goal of enterprise creates the meaningful value in the world, CONTEC will try to make the new value in East-Asia for our valuable customers in this field.

Company Website: http://www.contec.kr

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Name Jeonghee Yoon Sunghee Lee
Title Strategy & Planning Team Researcher CEO
Email jhyoon@contec.kr shlee@contec.kr
Tel +82-10-5556-9463 +82-10-3108-4523


Ensign Bickford Industries is global leader in precision energetic systems and other innovative explosive, non-explosive and electromechanical solutions for the satellite and launch vehicle markets. From initiation/separation solutions through our EBAD, NEA Electronics & TiNi products to robotics/motion control solutions from Avior Controls & Honeybee Robotics, Ensign Bickford has the right solution to fit your mission.

Company Website: http://www.ensign-bickfordind.com/

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Name Vincent Visco
Title Business Development Manager
Email vmvisco@eba-d.com
Tel 805-292-3977
Cell 310-940-7288


Effective thermal design drives the future of the modern, sustainable digital world on Earth, Mars, and beyond; and brings increased freedom, connectivity, inspiration, and satisfaction to all human life.

Carbice® technology is the new standard of performance for thermal materials. It is made from recycled aluminum and waste carbon, and is easily recycled at end of life.

Carbice® spacetm tape is a revolutionary product based on nearly 20 years of aligned carbon nanotube research at Vanderbilt, Purdue, and Georgia Tech.

Spacetm tape is used today by leading space companies to enable more than 5 times the standard system power density, reduce required heat sink size, reduce required bolts and associated weight, accommodate large manufacturing tolerances, and enable easy assembly and rework in high-throughput manufacturing.

Carbice® spacetm tape helps save 1-3% on total build cost while enabling efficient deployment of next-generation technology.

We help customers achieve more product, profit, and time.

Company Website: http://www.carbice.com

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Name Baratunde Cola Craig Green
Title Founder and CEO CTO
Email bara.cola@carbice.com craig.green@carbice.com
Tel 404-919-5079
Cell 404-919-5079


Envistacom provides counterterrorism, cyber and communications solutions to U.S. and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense and intelligence communities. We deliver agile, secure technology solutions and subject-matter expertise to support mission critical operations.

We are a trusted partner in protecting military, civilians and critical infrastructure around the world. DWOSB

Company Website: http://www.envistacom.com

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Name Tom Cox Michael Geist
Title VP Innovation VP, Strategy & Technology
Email tomcox@envistacom.com mgeist@envistacom.com
Tel 470.255.2500 571.446.3828
Cell 404.210.3464 443.604.8178


Omnetics Connector Corporation is a privately held connector design and manufacturing company with over 25 years of experience. Omnetics is focused on Micro-miniature and Nano-miniature high reliability electronic connectors and interconnection systems. Our products are designed and assembled in a single location at our plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota that includes in-house automatic machining and over-molding equipment.

Our proprietary flex pin contact system is used in both our Micro (1.27 mm pitch) and Nano (.64 mm pitch) connectors. These connectors are QPL approved to MIL-DTL-32139 and MIL-DTL-83513. This high level of quality is ideal for industries such as Military, Aerospace, Medical, Instrumentation and other high-technology oriented industries.

Company Website: https://www.omnetics.com/

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Name Scott Unzen
Title Marketing Manager
Email sunzen@omnetics.com
Tel +1 763-572-0656


MIL-SAT leverages a 15 year history of providing advanced high speed GEO, LEO, UAV Drone and Missile tracking antenna systems. Supporting a variety of government agencies, teleport gateways and LEO network operators around the world, MIL-SAT delivers end to end solutions.

MIL-SAT offers customized antenna solutions designed for extreme environments such as permafrost, skyscraper rooftops, maritime and remote locations. Customers benefiting from MIL-SAT unique tracking antenna solutions include NASA, NOAA, US Navy, US Coast Guard, and Israeli Defense Force. MIL-SAT is recognized as a global leader in wholesale distribution and service for customized or off the shelf Cobham SeaTel LEO tracking antenna systems.

Headquartered in Virginia with offices in Toronto and Florida, MIL-SAT is a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified small women owned business. Visit us at www.mil-sat.com for details and contact information.

Company Website: http://www.mil-sat.com

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Name Don Richardson Lynn Oldham
Title President Director of Operations
Email don@mil-sat.com oldham@mil-sat.com
Tel 954-862-3613 954-862-3613
Cell 757-581-2416 (757)287-5363