Oakman Aerospace, Inc. (OAI) is a private, woman-veteran owned corporation dedicated to providing cutting-edge products and services related to space systems architectures, spacecraft/satellite design and development, and mission payload and data distribution services. As a global provider of space-based solutions, we are proud to offer complete end-to-end capabilities for our customers, teammates, and stakeholders.

Specializing in rapid and responsive modular technology, OAI utilizes a unique, tailored and modern approach to the traditional satellite development process that enables spacecraft providers and integrators to reduce cost, schedule, and risk when pursuing satellite missions, payloads, and applications.

Company Website: http://oak-aero.com/

Event Contacts

Name Maureen S. O’Brien Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr.
Title CEO President & CSE
Email maureen.obrien@oak-aero.com stanley.kennedy@oak-aero.com
Tel (303) 904-6060 (303) 904-6060
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