For almost thirty years, Teledyne Paradise Datacom have been supplying the satellite communications industry with innovative satellite modems and RF products.  At SmallSat Sympoisum 2019, we are delighted to present yet another world first.   QubeFlexTM  is a software-defined modem that has beenspecifically designed for the low-earth orbit CubeSat and Smallsat markets.  Providing support for CCSDS DVB-S2/S2X and CCSDS telemetry and Intelsat standards (including Viterbi/Reed Soloman error correction, interleaving and scrambling), QubeFlexTM is a future proof, low cost, solution that is ideal for CubeSat/Smallsat missions where the user needs a COTs alternative to designing and developing their own software defined radio (SDR). QubeFlexTM is protocol agnostic but includes explicit support for CCSDS, CubeSat Space Protocol (CSP) and AX.25 packet processing.  QubeFlexTMinteroperablility has been proven with a number of well established, reliable, CubeSat/SmallSat transmitters which together provide a mission critical end to end solution.

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