Earth Observation – Emerging Trends in Data Processing and Analysis

February 4th, Afternoon

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm 

Geospatial Data is being produced at a prodigious pace. Rendering reams of data into a form that can be sold will be a deal maker/breaker. The focus on how data is received, then improved in post-processing to meet standards is very important. For instance the application of satellite data to weather analysis with numerical weather prediction is not without problems. There will be discussion on the latest in change detection algorithms and how to manipulate data from SmallSats and other big data sources with “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”. Numerous large-area, multiple image-based possibilities exist and small satellites are ideally suited to provide fast accurate data on an almost real time basis. The objective of this workshop is to review and assess the type of data received and to cover classification approaches. The goal is to also identify the best techniques that are available to derive actionable insights for decision clarity. We will examine the economies involved not only in gathering this data but what the market will pay for the information. What is the market size of data, value-added services, information products, and Big Data analytics by vertical, region, and resolution? Which markets are drawing high resolution SAR imagery users? In what ways can the same data be sold to different customers.



Dr. Joe Thurgood

Vice President Corporate Development and Marketing

Hera Systems


Mike Bergen

Director of Partnerships and Alliances

Orbital Insight


Joe Flasher

Open Geospatial Data Lead

Amazon Web Services


Christopher A. Lentz

Systems Engineering & Integration Fellow

Lockheed Martin Space - Commercial Civil Space


Rafal Modrzewski

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


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