Bryce Infographic Presents “Are Smallsat Launch Delays Inevitable?”

A new, independent study found that all 1,078 smallsats on commercial launches in the last five years experienced delays, with a median delay of 128 days.

What caused these delays? Bryce found that 40% of all smallsat delay days were attributed to delays in the primary payload and 34% were launch vehicle-related. Less than 1% of all smallsat delay days were caused by weather.

Learn more about mitigating smallsat launch delays in Bryce’s latest report, commissioned by Spaceflight, Inc., by downloading the company’s infographic at this direct link…

Bryce has also been selected as one of five companies to support NASA’s efforts to enable a LEO economy. Bryce will develop an integrated action plan to address barriers to the growth of the LEO economy, while other selected companies will seek to raise the technological readiness level of their products and move them to market.


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