Ground Segment Collaboration MOU Agreement Between GomSpace and RBC Signals

RBC Signals and GomSpace have agreed to an MoU — this technology agreement will ensure the integration of these companies’ respective solutions.

The MoU includes:

  • GomSpace will continue to support future versions of RBC Signals through its “Mega-Constellation Operations Platform”, which will be available for customers through GomSpace’s “operations-as-a-service” offering.
  • RBC Signals will support current and future versions of GomSpace communication systems.
  • GomSpace and RBC Signals will ensure future compatibility and service availability by coordinating updates to APIs, firmware and hardware releases. The collaboration is non-exclusive and allows customers to choose from compatible complementary services that best fit their mission needs.


Niels Buus, CEO of GomSpace, said the company continues to extend the integration with commercially available ground station networks that now includes RBC Signals. With this collaboration, GomSpace will extend the operational capabilities of the firm’s Operations Service for the present and future GomSpace communication systems and increase the ground station coverage and availability for GomSpace customers through RBC Signals’ network.

Christopher Richins, Founder and CEO of RBC Signals, stated that the firm is excited to collaborate with GomSpace. his agreement will enhance the firm’s offerings and bring more opportunities to both companies by bringing more comprehensive customer solutions to the market.

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