Firefly Aerospace Will Launch SATLANTIS’ Constellation of Satellites

Firefly Aerospace will be providing launch services for SATLANTIS which beginning in 2022, SATLANTIS will use the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle to deploy a constellation of satellites with breakthrough high-resolution multispectral cameras with four bands of 80 cm native resolution. SATLANTIS provides high-performance payload technologies for Earth observation and remote sensing. 

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Firefly CEO Dr. Tom Markusic said that SATLANTIS is constantly developing cutting-edge technologies to support the growing need for high-accuracy and high-revisit Earth observation. The Firefly Alpha was specifically designed to support the new wave of low Earth orbit observation constellations and they are pleased to be selected by SATLANTIS to provide launch services for their constellation. 

SATLANTIS CEO Juan Hernan said that SATLANTIS efforts are aimed at providing governments, national space agencies, and industries seeking space capabilities with unparalleled access to high-quality Earth observation data, without the need to develop costly programs of their own. Their partnership with Firefly complements SATLANTIS strategy to deliver these products — by providing cost-efficient, on-demand launch services to meet the stringent orbit and revisit requirements of their constellation. 

Alona Kolisnyk, Firefly Director of International Business Development, added that the have worked closely with SATLANTIS to ensure that they will be able to structure the multiple missions required to deliver their spacecraft to the inclinations of their choosing, on the schedule they require in order to achieve their business goals. They look forward to many successful missions together.


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