Smallsat Launch Services Agreement Signed Between Firefly Aerospace and ISILAUNCH

Firefly Aerospace, Inc. (Firefly) has executed a Launch Services Agreement with Innovative Space Logistics BV (ISILAUNCH), a launch services subsidiary of Netherlands based ISIS – Innovative Solutions in Space B.V. (ISISPACE).

Under the agreement, ISILAUNCH will offer to its customers multiple dedicated and rideshare launch opportunities on the Firefly’s Alpha launch vehicle, on missions beginning in 2020.

Firefly CEO Dr. Tom Markusic stated the company is very pleased to have ISILAUNCH as a customer for the firm’s Alpha launch vehicle.

He noted that with Firefly’s anticipated flight rate and the growth of the demand for launch services, the company will leverage the experience and market presence of ISILAUNCH to provide customers with economical, convenient and reliable flight opportunities.

ISILAUNCH Director Abe Bonnema said the firm is very keen to work with Firefly and their Alpha launch vehicle. Based on the company’s extensive experience with cluster launches, having launched hundreds of small satellites in that manner over the past ten years, ISILAUNCH believes the Alpha launch vehicle has a very interesting capacity to cost ratio, enabling the launch configuration flexibility the company needs to serve a broad customer base.

ISIS specializes in realizing innovative turn-key small satellite missions. Through our unique and proven approach of full vertical integration which combines design, development, production, testing, launch services, and satellite operations into a single organization, we can offer you the right solution, from subsystem to full mission and constellation building.

He added that Alpha is also interesting for the firm’s ambitions to bring swarms of small satellites to lunar orbit. Moreover, the company is pleased to conclude that the firm’s business philosophy and market approach align very well with those of Firefly.

Alona Kolisnyk, Firefly Director of International Business Development, added that the company’s team is preparing to quickly ramp flight cadence following the maiden launch of the firm’s Alpha vehicle. This will allow Firefly to deliver customer payloads to their preferred orbits in a responsive and affordable way. The rideshare missions Firefly will execute with ISILAUNCH will further enable the global small satellite industry and provide flight heritage to disruptive cislunar technologies being developed by commercial space startups.

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