ABL Space Systems’ Successful Rocket Engine Tests at Spaceport America

ABL Space Systems, a company founded by former SpaceX engineers, recently completed a successful test campaign of its E2 rocket engine at Spaceport America.

When operational, RS1 will fill an important role in the global launch vehicle market, providing bulk deployment of cubesats, deployment of three to six larger, more capable satellites, or dedicated launch of single satellites with aggressive mission requirements.

ABL CFO Dan Piemont said Spaceport America provided the perfect location and support staff for us to test the E2 rocket engine. The team did a great job rapidly activating the firm’s deployable test site and are happy with how E2 performed. This campaign was an important step toward bringing the RS1 launch vehicle to market.

Dan Hicks, Spaceport America CEO, said Spaceport America is providing testing support for a variety of commercial and government clients. With the company’s excellent staff, near perfect climate and restricted airspace, we are a leader in providing service for the space industry.

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