Tyvak Lands NASA Contract

Tyvak has been selected by NASA to participate in the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.

Tyvak’s offering provides NASA with a lander option to host payloads and perform science investigations on the lunar surface, paving the way to return to the Moon. With a long-standing history of fulfilling government mission needs, Tyvak will leverage flight-proven technologies and expertise from its smallsat portfolio for its lunar lander development.

The company intends to provide end-to-end commercial payload delivery solutions spanning payload integration, launch services and operations to land on the Moon’s surface.

The Tyvak lander initially aims to deliver small payloads, but through modularity and the significant flexibility of its architecture, can evolve the design to deliver larger payloads.

Marco Villa, Tyvak’s COO, noted that this is an exciting time in space. Performing these lunar payload deliveries is the next natural step of commercial space efforts supporting government initiatives.


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