SAIT and WORK Microwave’s CubeSats and SmallSats High-Performance Test

WORK Microwave AR-80 wideband demodulator

Recently, WORK Microwave and SAIT partnered to complete a communication transmission test between WORK Microwave‘s AR-80 wideband demodulator and SAIT’s space qualified transceiver, to prove that their combined solution is ready to power space, commercial, government, and science missions. 

Seamless integration between SAIT‘s space transceiver and WORK Microwave’s AR-80 wideband demodulator ensures that satellite downlink operations run smoothly. WORK Microwave’s AR-80 demodulator offers high performance at low price points for specialized satellite downlink receivers. 

SAIT’s transmitter portfolio supports everything from CubeSats to large satellites and deep space spacecraft, offering up to 10 years’ design life. The company’s downlink transmitters feature high throughput, state-of-the-art adaptive error correction coding and modulation, flexible interface options, and small size, weight, and power. 

There will be a live demo of the combined solution will be shown at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 in Bremen, Germany, November 19-22, at the SAIT booth #1014, Hall 4. 

Andrew Kuzmenko, CTO at SAIT said that performance is an important metric of satellite communications equipment, especially for space missions. Teaming up with WORK Microwave, they are able to provide an extremely powerful and reliable solution for space-born missions and satellite Earth observation. 

Joerg Rockstroh, director of digital products, WORK Microwave added that from a technology perspective, SAIT and WORK Microwave are very compatible, each bringing distinct expertise to the satellite communications domain. Their AR-80 demodulator supports SAIT with efficient downlinks from their CubeSat transmitters, featuring 1+Gbps throughput to address the needs of mission customers. 


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