ATLAS and Aevum Partner for USAF’s ASLON-45 LEO Mission

ATLAS Space Operations is partnering with Aevum, Inc. for the The Agile Small Launch Operational Normalizer (ASLON)-45 space lift mission.

The partnership expands on the existing collaboration between the companies with the $4.9 million ASLON-45 mission, which will provide LEO orbital launch services to the Department of Defense (DoD) Space Test Program and other government agencies to help the agency improve their real-time threat warnings.

ATLAS’ Freedom™ Ground Network currently has 31 operational and planned antennas placed around the world that forms the network that will complement Aevum’s scalable launch service, which enables autonomous lift vehicles to launch from virtually any runway in the world and not be limited to range.

This combination of services gives the partners and their customers global accessibility to space operations. As Aevum already uses ATLAS for telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C), launch support to post-launch support will be a simple transition for customers and will also lower the cost of smallsat launches.

The Agile Small Launch Operational Normalizer-45 (ASLON-45) is a USAF mission that will consist of multiple 3U and larger U.S. government cubesats to LEO at a 45 degree inclination.

Sean McDaniel, CEO and Co-Founder of ATLAS, said this partnership will push the envelope of capabilities that are available to the space community. Beyond the ASLON-45 mission, ATLAS and Aevum are looking forward to conducting many successful launches and continuing to empower global access to space.

Jay Skylus, Founder and CEO of Aevum, added that vertical integration may reduce execution risk but often heightens cost and technology development risks. The company’s choice to integrate with ATLAS for ground communications provides the firm’s customers with more benefits and robust services.

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