Leaf Space and GomSpace Solutions Sign an MoU to Integrate Their Smallsat Solutions

Leaf Space and GomSpace will ensure that their respective solutions are fully integrated with each other, thanks to an MoU recently signed by both firms.

Leaf Space has integrated GomSpace transceivers in its Leaf Line Ground Segment service, which are now available to Leaf Space and GomSpace customers without integration fees.

GomSpace will be integrating the Leaf Space services with its Mega Constellations Operations Platform (MCOP) — made available for GomSpace customers through its Operations as a Service offering.
GomSpace and Leaf Space will ensure future compatibility and service availability by coordinating updates to API’s and firmware.

The collaboration is on a non-exclusive basis that allows customers to choose from compatible complementary services that best fit their mission needs.

Niels Buus, the CEO of GomSpace, said the company is pleased to continue to extend this integration with commercially available ground station networks — now including Leaf Space. With this collaboration, GomSpace will extend the operational capabilities of the firm’s Operations Service and increase the ground station coverage and availability for GomSpace customers through Leaf Space network.

Leaf Space CEO, Jonata Puglia, added that this is a valuable opportunity for the company to start a collaboration with a global and pioneering smallsat manufacturer and service provider. In addition to making the firm’s network compatible with GomSpace’s manufactured radios, Leaf Space will provide an immediately available ground segment service capability to broaden their portfolio. This will help potential customers find a complete solution for their mission while interfacing with GomSpace, assuring a reliable and consistent service thanks to the continuous work effort we will put into API and firmware updates, added to integration with the MCOP service.

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