SWISSto12 Closes Series B Financing and Parners with Tyvak for mini-GEO Smallsats

SWISSto12 has closed a CHF 18.1M (USD 18.5 million) Series B financing round, led by Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank and Swisscom Ventures and returning investor Constantia New Business (CNB).

This new round will accelerate the company’s industrialization and the commercial deployment of antenna products for communication satellites. The company will also direct the funding toward the introduction of new advanced communication payloads for the smallsat market as well as continue the expansion of its recently opened offices in the  U.S.  and Israel.

In  addition,  SWISSto12  will  explore  first  opportunities  in  terrestrial communications, such as 5G. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) provides a unique opportunity for next-generation equipment onboard communication satellites. With SWISSto12’s innovative solutions, satellite communication operators gain high-performance, lightweight, and highly customizable products, opening a new area in payload engineering.

The technology also brings new design and manufacturing possibilities that SWISSto12 has mastered after development and successful space qualification of its patents. In a short amount of time, SWISSto12 will deliver on the firm’s promise of space ready, 3D-printed radio frequency communication products. As the company also moves into the smallsat and constellation markets, SWISSto12 will provide high-performing and versatile antenna payload products based on the firm’s additive manufacturing technology expertise.

The Board of Directors is delighted to welcome Swisscanto Invest and Swisscom Ventures, which together with CNB, constitute a first-class pool of experienced, global investors, committed to the long-term success of SWISSto12. These major institutional investors will contribute to strengthening a sustainable ramp-up capacity for SWISSto12.

Marking another major company milestone, Michael Kaliski has joined as Head of SWISSto12’s U.S. team.  With  more  than  25  years of  satellite  communications  experience,  Kaliski  will  build  a U.S. engineering and sales team, in Santa Clara, California, to meet increasing customer demand.

Previously, Kaliski worked at RUAG Space as Director of Payload Systems and Business Development with a focus on telecom satellite Digital Payloads and Solid State Power Amplifiers. Prior to this, Kaliski spent more than 23  years  in  multiple  roles  at  Space  Systems/Loral  (SSL,  now  Maxar)  including  Satellite  Thermal Systems, Communications Payload Systems, Program Management, and as the Engineering Lead for the payload supply chain.

Nils Granath, responsible for ICT investments at Swisscanto Private Equity Switzerland Growth I KmGK.Pär  Lange,  Investment  Partner  at  Swisscom  Ventures, said SWISSto12 convinced the firm with its innovative technology and business model. With its space-ready, 3D-printed  radio frequency  communication  products,  the company  believes  SWISSto12  has  a  great  growth potential. It is an ideal addition to the firm’s portfolio, which focuses on unlisted Swiss growth companies in the expansion phase. With  its  innovative  3D-printing technology, SWISSto12 is leading the way into the next generation of microwave components such as wave  guides,  antennas,and  filters,  giving  the  aerospace  industry  unrivaled  solutions  in  terms  of performance, weight and size. As the satellite industry is transforming, with many LEO constellation initiatives on the way, the firm believes that SWISSto12 will have an important part to play in this development a

Philipp Thurn und Taxis, Managing Director of CNB, added the company is proud of the path already taken by SWISSto12 and are delighted to join forces with two highly experienced investors who bring complementary strengths to the firm’s investor base.

Dr. Emile de Rijk, CEO of SWISSto12, said that with  this  financing  round,  the company’s  mission  to  bring  disruptively  performing  and  reliable,  3D-printed communication products to the aerospace industry goes to the next level. The firm is round to have brought the first products into operation in space this year and look forward to further developing our journey with the company’s clients by enabling increasingly affordable and flexible satellite communication services and are excited to have the trust of Swisscanto Invest, Swisscom Ventures and continued support from CNB as new capabilities are brought to the space industry. SWISSto12 thanks its fantastic team, shareholders and long-term supporters for their work and help in the successful growth of the company.

SWISSto12 will be attending the World Satellite Business Week in Paris, France, from September 9  to 13.

Plus, SWISSto12 and Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc. are partnering in the development and production of mini-GEO satellites.

The evolution of mini-GEO missions(GEO satellites of 100 to 500 kg.) is complementary to LEO and MEO constellations offered by the satellite communications industry. However, according to the company, the market lacks experienced and trusted mini-GEO solution providers that can offer reliability and high performance at a price point compatible with the market’s new expectations. The combination of Tyvak’s mission operations, platform, and payload expertise, along with SWISSto12’s end-to-end telecom payload and 3-D printed RF products, brings a new level of innovation to the GEO market. Together they will deliver highly efficient and customized min-GEO satellites at competitive costs, covering frequency bands from X- to Ka- and Q/V bands.

Capitalizing on engineering teams from both Europe and the U.S., Tyvak and SWISSto12 aim to expedite the delivery of mini-GEO satellite fleets.

Marco Villa, the COO of Tyvak, said the company is excited about this partnership to enable and accelerate cost-effective, mini-GEO missions with SWISSto12 closing the gap through expertise and new technology applications. Tyvak has invested in GEO bus technology for years and the firm is pleased to extend the company’s reach and apply agile aerospace processes to the telecommunications sector.

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