Development Contract for GomSpace Subsidiary and the European Space Agency

GomSpace’s subsidiary in Luxembourg and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed a development contract at a value of 1,425,000 euros for GomSpace Luxembourg SARL’s continued development of the Mega-Constellation Operations Platform (MCOP) product.

The development of MCOP was initiated in 2018 under the first development contract resulting in development of a minimum viable product focusing on scalability which was recently proven through the first operational deployment test. This new contract will enable GomSpace to take constellation management and the MCOP product to the next level. Additional features will be added, including:

  • Constellation level simulation and planning to optimize operations
  • Increased automation to reduce operator workloads
  • Improved visualization and constellation level situational awareness


The contract is funded by the Luxembourg Space Agency through the Luxembourg National Space Program LuxIMPULSE and it is being implemented through ESA.

Niels Buus, the CEO at GomSpace, stated that customers are increasingly paying attention to the scaling and operational aspects of their constellation plans. Given that the company’s MCOP offering is developing according to plan, GomSpace is able to respond with a compelling solution helping customers to achieve lower lifetime costs and improved return on investment.

Marc Serres of the Luxembourg Space Agency added that the organization is pleased with GomSpace Luxembourg’s continued development as they are becoming an important part of the space ecosystem in Luxembourg and are bringing unique and innovative commercial offerings to the SATCOM market.

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