2Gen Space System to be Developed by GomSpace for UnseenLabs

GomSpace A/S has been selected by UnseenLabs SAS to develop and deliver their second-generation space system.

The collaboration will result in further enhancement of the capabilities to provide disruptive spectrum monitoring services from space, featuring unique hardware and software.

Under the ATP, signed at the Paris Airshow, the parties will complete work to define the scope and specifications of the new space system to be finally contracted within the fall of 2019.

Niels Buus, the CEO of GomSpace, said the company is excited to continue the collaboration with UnseenLabs. With this project, the firm believes that UnseenLabs will continue to provide a disruptive capacity to their customers for maritime surveillance services provided by LEO satellites.

Jonathan Galic, CEO and Co-Founder of UnseenLabs, remarked that working with GomSpace during the development of the company’s first-generation space system has convinced the firm that they are the correct choice for the firm’s continued roadmap. Their flight proven hardware and software products are a major source of confidence, allowing UnseenLabs to focus the company’s expertise on payloads, missions and services.


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