New Capabilities and Services for Esrange Space Center Being Developed by SSC

SSC is currently developing Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden with new capabilities and services.

A testbed for reusable rockets is currently being established and SSC aims at launching smallsats in a couple of years. In addition, SSC is now introducing a new flight ticket service for suborbital space flights, accessible and affordable for both current and new types of customers. The new concept introduces the opportunity to fly fractional payloads, ranging from only a few kg. up to 800 kg., and a substantially more frequent flight schedule. The flight ticket service is carried out jointly between SSC and DLR MORABA within the EuroLaunch partnership.

Swedish Space Corporation SSC has launched more than 560 suborbital rockets from Esrange Space Center since 1966. At Esrange, SSC also operates one of the world largest ground stations for satellite control and data reception — that legacy gives SSC a unique position within the European space community.

For scientists and researchers using microgravity as a tool, the new flight ticket concept Sub-orbital Express covers a complete set of services ranging from a flight ticket including launch, quick and safe land recovery to customized services such as design and development of experiment payload modules.

SSC is now integrating its earlier MASER microgravity program into the new SubOrbital Express concept. The first official SubOrbital Express (MASER 14) flight is currently being prepared for launch from Esrange, carrying four different microgravity experiments from three customers as well as small charity and promotional items.

Linda Lyckman, Head of Business & Technology Innovation at SSC, said that Suborbital Express combines the firm’s legacy with a new flight ticket concept. It aims for easy access to space and a maximum flexibility for the scientific community. A single user mission or ridesharing, depending on specific needs, will be available. However, the service can also be used for other purposes; test and validation of flight and space systems or educational programs giving students a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Furthermore, SSC welcomes non-traditional users of space to book a flight ticket — be such for promotional purposes or simply that something needs to be sent into space.


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