Kepler Has a New Strategy Advisor to Business Units … He Comes from Inmarsat

Kepler Communications announces that former Chief Strategy Officer at Inmarsat, Patrick McDougal, joined the company this month as a strategy advisor to support its business units. Described as a veteran business strategist within the satellite telecommunications industry, McDougal has more than 30 years of senior experience working for global leaders in the sector such as Inmarsat (29 years) and Intelsat (4 years). 

Before joining Kepler, McDougal was a member of the executive management team at Inmarsat where he led a number of initiatives including the acquisition of various companies, securing EU-wide spectrum licenses that advanced Inmarsat’s market strength, and global oversight of the company’s overall corporate business development efforts. 

Mina Mitry, CEO of Kepler Communications said that are very happy to welcome Patrick to their team. The experience he has within the satellite industry is of great value to a company the age and size of Kepler, so they are excited to bring him onboard. With his substantial network and expertise, along with Kepler’s technology and talented team, they will further reinforce and grow their market position as they continue to develop new and exciting partnerships together.  

Patrick McDougal said that as a Canadian who has worked overseas all my professional life, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the Toronto-based Kepler team — smart, highly motivated and ambitious. He is delighted to contribute his experiences as he believes that they have what it takes for long-term success. He’s happy to be with them for the next stage of the journey.


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