DoD Defense innovatin Unit and Space and Missile Systems Center Awards Project to ATLAS Space Operations

ATLAS Space Operations, Inc. has garnered an agreement to develop their LINKS platform with the Department of Defense’s Defense (DoD)  Innovation Unit (DIU).

The competitively awarded rapid prototyping program will run for 12 months and will deliver a complete satellite communications platform tailored to the U.S. Air Force’s Multi-Band Multi-Mission requirements, as outlined by the Space and Missile Systems Center’s (SMC) Range and Network Systems Division.

The resulting platform will provide several key advantages that have proven challenging for traditional antenna equipment, including the ability to communicate with multiple satellites simultaneously, tracking of resident space objects (RSOs), and providing enhanced telemetry data to ascending launch vehicles. The man-portable LINKS platform will increase capacity, flexibility, interoperability, automation and resiliency of space operations and space lift.
Upon completion of the program, ATLAS will hold demonstrations to highlight LINKS’ innovative features, cutting edge design, and multi-mission capabilities to the DIU. The demonstrations will be held at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.
ATLAS CEO Sean McDaniel said that working directly with the U.S. Air Force will ensure LINKS’ capabilities precisely meet their requirements. This development process and adherence to the Air Force’s high standards will ultimately lead to a product that will easily meet or exceed the requirements of the commercial sector down the road.

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