ManSat Group Shared the Latest Smallsat Trends at the Recent SmallSat Symposium 2019

During the recent SmallSat Symposium, the ManSat Group joined other leaders from the rapidly growing smallsat industry to share information on the latest trends and to collaborate on innovative ideas.

ManSat Group CEO Chris Stott and Katherine Gizinski, the VP of Sales and Marketing, represented ManSat at the 4th annual SmallSat Symposium, which was in session for four days and hosted by Satnews Publishers, an industry leader in satellite news, media and events — the Symposium was in session at the Computer History Museum, located in Mountain View, California.

Chris Stott, CEO of the
ManSat Group.

Chris moderated a panel during the Symposium, which asked the question: What role do heavy lift large rockets play in the small satellite industry?

The panelists were:

  • Dr. Bruce Chesley, Senior Director, Strategy, Space and Missile Systems Defense, Space & Security at Boeing
  • Stella Guillen, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Arianespace Inc
  • Jonathan Hofeller, Vice President of Commercial Sales, SpaceX
  • Jeanne Medvedeva, Commercial Director, EXOLAUNCH
  • Dr. Ko Ogasawara, Vice President and General Manager, Space Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


Chris said that the majority of heavy lift launch service providers have already developed smallsat launch capability, or plan to, either directly or with third parties. The panel discussion looked at whether this is likely to continue, given that there is a number of smaller launch vehicles, with more frequent launches, on the horizon.

Katherine Gizinski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ManSat Group.

Katherine noted that the SmallSat Symposium is a great venue for exploring the critical issues and technological advances specific to smallsats. This event was also an ideal opportunity for the company to network, both with existing contacts and those who are new to the industry.

ManSat carries out satellite filings for the Isle of Man under a contract with the Isle of Man Government’s Communications Commission.

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