On the SmallSat Symposium Show Floor: KenCast to Demo Their Fazzt Platform

At the SmallSat Symposium 2019, February 4-7, in Mountain View, California, KenCast will demonstrate the latest KenCast Fazzt platform the company is bringing to market to enable secure, hi-reliable, cost-effective content delivery on the pending future satellite networks to fixed sites and vehicles-on-the-move.

The current dramatic changes — in satellite (HTS GEO, MEO, and LEO constellations) and terrestrial networking and cloud storage —- bring new operational capabilities and content delivery application opportunities on a global scale that have never been available before.  KenCast has continually enhanced their Fazzt content delivery platform over the last 25 year by extensive work for, and with feedback from, our major military, public safety, cinema industry, commercial, financial institution, lodging, and digital signage customers.

KenCast’s customers include:

  • DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency)
  • Hollywood/DCDC
  • The New York City Fire Department
  • NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration)
  • and others…

For these delivery applications, KenCast offers a wide range of products and services:

  • Optimal deployment and operation of these new satellite networks,
  • Customizing solutions to each customer’s requirements
  • Planned enhanced capabilities — remotely deployed periodically and repeatedly updated
  • Support for new hybrid networking opportunities, as these options arise, from constantly improving:
  • GEO
  • NGOS (MEO, LEO, Nanosatellite)
  • CDNs
  • Fiber, Laser 
  • Antennas

KenCast’s engineering expertise and services include:

  • Network Design and Optimization,
  • Cyber-Security plan, implementation, and service,
  • Staff training,
  • Remote IT monitoring and support services.


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