The First OneWeb Constellation’s Satellites Have Shipped to Launch Site

OneWeb Satellites, a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb, as delivered the first satellites for the OneWeb constellation.

The satellites were manufactured at the OneWeb Satellites facility on the Airbus Defence and Space Toulouse site and the first six have been shipped to Kourou for launch.  The first launch of the mega constellation is scheduled for February 19, 2019, on a Soyuz rocket.

OneWeb Satellites will now turn its focus to ramping up production of the full constellation of satellites in its new factory in Florida, demonstrating once again the agility of this JV. OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between OneWeb, a global communications company whose mission is to provide Internet to everybody, everywhere, and Airbus with its first order to include the production of ultra-high performance communications satellites.

Five OneWeb Satellites aligned at the Airbus facility.
Photo is courtesy of Airbus.

The Toulouse OneWeb Satellites facility is being used to validate the innovative production methods necessary to manufacture these satellites at a scale never achieved before, de-risk any potential issues, and lay the framework for the larger multi-line OneWeb Satellites factory near the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The satellites, weigh approximately 150 kg. and will operate in near-polar, 1,200 km., LEO orbit.

Executive Comment

OneWeb satellites being prepared for shipment.
Photo is courtesy of Airbus.

Tony Gingiss, the OneWeb Satellites CEO, said with this generation of satellites, the company is entering a new chapter in the story that started three years ago. The firm’s team is transforming the space industry and OneWeb Satellites is in the midst of demonstrating the company can deliver on the firm’s promises.


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