GOMX-5 Satellite Mission Contract Signed Between ESA and GOMSpace

GOMSpace has signed a 300,000 euros development contract with ESA for the initiation of a new GOMX-5 satellite mission to demonstrate new smallsat capabilities for the next generation of constellations that require high speed communications links and high levels of maneuverability.

The mission will consist of two smallsats in the 20 kg. class with an improved platform for increased power handling and reliability. Further, the satellites will be equipped with a number of advanced communication technology payloads to be announced after final selection.

The present contract covers design and specification work planned for 2019 and is expected to be followed by additional contracts for the subsequent implementation. Launch for the GOMX-5 mission is foreseen to be in 2021.

Executive Comment

Niels Buus, the CEO of GomSpace, said the company is happy that the firm, with the support from ESA, can continue with the next chapter of the successful GOMX flight demonstration program. With the GOMX program, the company continuously develops and demonstrates new capabilities for nanosatellites that can depend on for their future programs.

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