Effective thermal design drives the future of the modern, sustainable digital world on Earth, Mars, and beyond; and brings increased freedom, connectivity, inspiration, and satisfaction to all human life.

Carbice® technology is the new standard of performance for thermal materials. It is made from recycled aluminum and waste carbon, and is easily recycled at end of life.

Carbice® spacetm tape is a revolutionary product based on nearly 20 years of aligned carbon nanotube research at Vanderbilt, Purdue, and Georgia Tech.

Spacetm tape is used today by leading space companies to enable more than 5 times the standard system power density, reduce required heat sink size, reduce required bolts and associated weight, accommodate large manufacturing tolerances, and enable easy assembly and rework in high-throughput manufacturing.

Carbice® spacetm tape helps save 1-3% on total build cost while enabling efficient deployment of next-generation technology.

We help customers achieve more product, profit, and time.

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